Vintage Turntables

Vinyl LPs are nothing but 12 by 12 wall hangings without a turntable to bring them to life. I remember my older brother taking me to buy my first turntable.  He was working full-time and living at home, so he had lots of disposable income to spend on high-end audio equipment.  I was the beneficiary of lots of attention even as a 14 year-old because of my brother’s  spending habits.

It wasn’t the most sophisticated turntable, but I loved my Dual 1225. It sadly met its demise in a move from Toronto to Ottawa.  When my youngest son started to get into vinyl, I managed to buy a Dual 525 from a neighbour – a nice piece of nostalgia.

Now that vinyl is experiencing a resurgence, let’s look at some good choices when purchasing a vintage turntable.

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