1,000 Top Record Albums

1,000 Top Record AlbumsOne of my favourite vinyl and audio equipment stores is Planet of Sound. The Bank Street store in Ottawa is not a massive space.  That’s in large part because the folks at Planet of Sound are very selective in what they sell. Being selective means they know their products and believe in them. A smaller product line also means that the turntable, amplifier and speakers you buy from Planet of Sound will be perfectly matched. You’re not going to get the “big box” approach of pushing whatever has the biggest mark up or the highest number of watts.

Planet of Sound will first try to understand your listening habits and environment. based on this they make suggestions. For sure the best suggestion is often out of your price range, but I found they were quite respectful of my budget when I told them it was fun to listen to those speakers but as much as I love music, eating still has to fit into the budget.

As for vinyl, they have a great selection   But the Planet of Sound approach is really refreshing – they limit their stock of used vinyl to what they believe to be the 1,000 top record albums of all time. As the Planet of Sound blog post notes, this list was compiled using the ten years of experience within the Ottawa and Toronto stores, voracious reading of best-of list and reviews and drawing of the years of experience their staff has because many of the current staff worked in record stores long before Planet of Sound existed.

What does this give you as the consumer?  Well, you won’t spend countless hours sifting through junk to start with. In addition, the Planet of Sound staff have listened to these LPs so they can give you informed recommendations. That’s service that I haven’t experienced since my days flipping through albums on the second and third floors of Sam the Record Man on Yonge Street, and getting great advice from the Sam’s staff.

So, I urge you to read the Top 100 LPs as chosen by Planet of Sound.  This is a sample of the 1,000 top record albums that you’ll find at Planet of Sound – Enjoy!