Vinyl Redesigned

Viryl Technologies Warmtone
Viryl Technologies Warmtone full-automated vinyl press.

“Vinyl Redesigned” – that’s the tag line for Viryl Technologies new WarmTone vinyl record press.  The WarmTone is a completely redesigned and fully automated vinyl record pressing system which started pressing vinyl in the fall if 2016, in part, with the help of $1M in start-up funding from a GTA investor.  The investor, Alf Zeuner, owns the Burlington Ontario plant that will eventually be producing about 100 WarmTone presses annually. This funding was spurred on by the huge worldwide  growth in vinyl sales, but also by the approach being taken by Viryl Technologies.

No new vinyl presses have been manufactured since the 1980’s.  Some of these are still cranking out the vinyl we are purchasing, but it is difficult to keep them up and running, and they lack the efficiencies that modern manufacturing has come to depend upon.  For these reasons, Chad Brown Viryl’s CEO, has lead a team that has looked at every aspect of the process and applied current engineering theories to create a new press from the ground up.  The use of extensive sensors within the presses allows the WarmTone to collect vast quantities of data.  The ADAPT (Advanced Device Analytics Pressing Technology) platform monitors every aspect of the processes, analyses this data for efficiencies and makes adjustments on the fly.
Viryl claims that in addition to increased efficiencies (one operator can run two presses), quality of pressing is improved.  During the redesign process, the Viryl team identified what they call the “industry pain points” and focused on these to achieve efficiencies.  The extensive data monitoring ensures optimum plate pressures, heat levels, vinyl distribution, and cooling times.
The first three WarmTone presses were purchased by Calgary based Canada Boy Vinyl.  Canada Boy Vinyl, which opened in September of 2015 with three used presses, is currently the only record pressing facility know Canada.
If you want to be the second one in Canada, you can order your own WarmTone from Viryl for only $180,000 USB.