Put Your Records On – The Rebirth of Vinyl

CBC - The CurrentWell when CBC sees that its an expanding trend, you know its true – no “fake news” from CBC.

The Current interviews Doug Putman, President of Sunrise Records, Rob Rice of Kaneshii Vinyl Pressing of Charlottetown, PEI (my interview with Rob – Dropping Digital to Drop the Needle), Allen Zwag (film making Vinyl) and Jullian Seth-Wang, owner of Tonality Records.

The story for Sunrise Records is the re-opening of 70 HMV stores between April and July of this year.  According to Doug Putman “Vinyl will be front and centre”.

Rob Rice is one of the founders of Kaneshii Vinyl Pressing.  They will be doing their first pressing in April of this year.  Kaneshii is the only vinyl pressing facility east of Toronto.

Allen Zweig and Julian Seth-Wong were interviewed as vinyl collectors.  Allen is a vinyl “accumulator” – he differentiated collectors from accumulators in the interview.  He is also the documentary film maker responsible for Vinyl.

Julian Seth-Wong is the owner of Tonality Records a store he opened when he was only 17.


Listen to the entire interview – Put Your Records On: Vinyl Rebirth – February 28, 2017.