Why Record Stores Are Important from Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Music AcademyGreat article by Jeff “Chairman” Mao from Red Bull Music Academy explores the social importance of the independent record store.

I loved the assertion that record stores act as an “interpersonal bridge.”

“But at a moment in history when the perpetuation of divisions is suffocating us, something as gravitationally organic and simple as hanging out in a shared space of music appreciation/nerdery remains one of the most vital interpersonal bridges we’ve got. ”

And I felt I had found a kindred spirit when I read – “I spend a lot of time in record stores – not just because I’m addicted to buying records, but because I relish the ritual of flipping through a bin or crate. It’s a soothing form of decompression, even when there’s nothing I necessarily want to buy. Just the comfort of seeing familiar artists, labels, sleeves and artwork conjures real life moments and associations related to the music.”

I now feel justified in just hanging out in these places and buying only every other time I’m there.

Why Record Stores Are More Important Than Ever