Beats 1 and the Record Store

I was intrigued when I saw the headline “Apple Beats 1 chief wants to rekindle the record-store romance”.  I was thinking this is cool.  Apple and Apple Music is close to the last thing I think of when I think of a record store.  I read the article and excerpts from the SXSW talk and it confirmed that Apple is about as far from the record store as you can get.

Lowe was a DJ, but I suspect not a vinyl DJ (haven’t confirmed this).  He talks about streaming music and how services like Spotify just use algorithms go create your “personal” mix of music and new music.  He contrasts this to Beats 1 as providing a record store experience because the DJ or curators are humans who select and speak about the music they play.  That’s true and I love streams like Elton John’s “Rocket Hour”, but I’m really not getting a record store feel.  This is still digital and not tactile.

Interesting that in the hour-long Elton John interview on Beats 1 , Elton tells us that he never downloads music – its all on vinyl or CD.  If there is music he wants to listen to and it is only available digitally, he has someone burn it to a CD.

It’s an interesting read, but I’m still not getting the record store vibe.