Run Out Groove

Secret Machines - Now Here Is NowhereWarner Records has announced the launch of a new concept in vinyl records.  Run Out Groove  will press limited edition vinyl records – nothing new there.  What is new is the process for selecting what will be pressed.  Combining the surge in popularity of vinyl with the concept of crowd-sourcing, the new Run Out Groove label will allow fans to choose what will be pressed and give them the opportunity to determine how many will be pressed.

According to Run Out Groove (ROG), each month they will post a list of potential projects.  Registered fans will then vote on which project should go to press.  The majority will choose  the project.  Once the project is announced fans have 30 days to pre-order the pressing.  Once the 30-day window closes, Run Out Groove will announce the number of records that will be pressed.  Each record will be individually numbered.

Once the record is available it will be delivered directly to purchasers.  If you miss the 30-day pre-order window, ROG will have a limited number of copies available through participating retailers.  It is not clear from the ROG web site who these participating retailers are.

Once the pre-order window closes, records will be shipped in 6-8 weeks depending on the final quantity pressed.

As of the writing of this article, the current pre-order is for a 2 LP Secret Machine recording Now Here Is Nowhere.  This set was never released in the US and stopped production in 2004.

The sleeve is old school tip-on Stoughton sleeve keeping in-line with the exclusivity and retro nature of this label.  All pressings will be 180 gram audiophile quality.

This pressing is even more interesting because fans will be able to also vote on the color of the second LP in the set at the ROG Facebook or Twitter pages .

Its not abundantly clear how the three projects to be voted on are selected, but ROG seems to be keen on getting fan input from both Facebook and Twitter.

To date, ROG has already allowed fans to choose two projects.  The first release was MC5’s The Motor City Five, followed by Echo & The Bunnymen, It’s All Live Now, recorded in Sweden, which features live covers of “Paint It Black,” “Soul Kitchen” and “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue.”

Note – the run out groove is the part of the groove on every LP that is in the inner most part of the record and is much wider.  This is the part of the groove that engages the return on automatic and semi-automatic turntables.