Record Store Day Sales

Record Store Day 2017
Record Store Day 2017

The tenth edition of Record Store Day in Canada was good if not great.   For the week ending April 27, which included this year’s April 22 RSD, album sales increased 349 percent.  This was fueled in part by some classic artists like Neil Young, The Doors, David Bowie, Rush and Santana, but it was Alexisonfire’s Crisis that was the number one selling vinyl in Canada on RSD.  Sales of vinyl singles were up 1,600 percent for this same week compared to the previous week.

These increases in sales represent the largest RSD increases in the ten-year history of the event.

For indie vinyl retailers the increase in LP sales was a huge 484% for a total of 409,000 LP’s.  That represents almost 75% of LP sales for RSD.  Sales on RSD are always good for independent retailers and this years event was a small increase over RSD 2016 (1.4% increase in sales).

Of course, all of these numbers only reflect the sale of new vinyl.  Almost all independents have great RSD sales on their used vinyl.  When I hit some on my local indies stores I saw a lot more interest in the used vinyl sales than the RSD exclusives.  There were a couple of these exclusives that I was interested in but none arrived at my local stores, so I came away with a few good deals on some used vinyl – not a bad day all in all.