Video Game Soundtracks on Vinyl

You don’t get more retro than listening to 80’s and 90’s video game sound tracks pressed on vinyl. For a long time I had a myopic view of video games seeing them as very one-dimensional exercises in coding. I’ve been recently schooled by my son who has a great appreciation for a well crafted video game. He has helped me understand that there are carefully directed plots and story lines, and that beyond visual excellence, there is a tremendous depth in the soundtrack behind the game.

I have no problem grasping the concept of a movie soundtrack. I get how it can add to the overall movie experience and often listen to these soundtracks. The work of Ludivicio Einudi for the wonderful movie Intouchables is one of my favourites.

The decision to begin releasing these on vinyl is not too surprising given the resurgence of vinyl driven in part by millennials who are also those most likely to appreciate a video game soundtrack.


“A Disney song from ‘Aladdin’ or ‘The Little Mermaid’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast’ — those songs resonate outside of the context of the movie. The same thing happens with games. It’s just a matter of it being a slightly more difficult prospect for people to understand.”


Read ad the whole article at the LA Times – The latest and greatest trend in vintage vinyl? Video game music.