The MP3 is Dead

MP3 playerI remember my first MP3 player.  It was a thumb drive with a couple of controls for volume and play/pause.  It held 128 meg of music – maybe 35 songs or three or four albums.

I was excited to move up to a Samsung Pebble – maybe fifty albums.  And this started my frenzy to download as many MP3 files as possible while ripping all of my CDs to MP3 format.

I had difficulty containing my excitement at so much music in such a tiny device.

Then the iPod classic with 160 meg of storage for thousands of songs.  Yes, I downloaded and loaded music on to my various MP3 players that I honestly never listened to.

Now I hear the MP3 is dead.

The MP3 standard was adopted in 1992 by the ISO, but it wasn’t until 1995 when the software to rip CDs into MP3s was made available to the public for free that the format caught on.

Perhaps the death of the MP3 was inevitable because it was based on compression algorithms that did not fully understand how the human brain processes music.  Vinyl lovers have been saying this for years.

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