Radiohead and Stanley Donwood

Radiohead OK Computer
Radiohead OK Computer

One of the consistently cited merits of vinyl is the album cover.  There’s almost 300 square inches of real estate for artists to fill and enthusiasts to enjoy when you count the front and back.  And double that for the gate fold album.  There are entire web sites dedicated to album covers.  My personal favourite is the Album Cover Art Hall of Fame.

There are stories behind almost every great piece of album cover art and a recent article from NME looks at the Radiohead covers of Stanley Donwood.

Stanley Donwood On The Stories Behind His Radiohead Album Covers

Stanley Donwood is the pen name of artist Dan Rickwood who met Thom Yorke when both were studying art 1988 at Exeter College of Art and Design.  In addition to cover work for Radiohead, Donwood did the cover design for Thom Yorke’s solo album  The Eraser.  Donwood’s work on Amnesiac also landed a Grammy for Best Album Packaging.

You can read more about Stanley Donwood at Slowly Downward.