Lacquer Mastering

A May 18, 2017 article in The Economist (Hunger For Vinyl Means A Chronic Shortage of Pressing Machines) states that “only two firms are left that make the lacquer discs used in mastering”.  The article seems to be confusing a couple of concepts: pressing machines and lacquer mastering.  The lacquer masters are what are cut in order to make the stampers.  The lacquer masters are essentially the same as the final vinyl albums that will be pressed.  The metal stampers are the negatives of the lacquer masters which are necessary to actually press vinyl.

The article correctly states that only two companies are manufacturing new presses: Viryl Technologies of Toronto is making the new WarmTone presses and Newbilt a German company who provided presses for Third Man vinyl – Jack White’s pressing facility.  But a quick Google search reveals quite a few companies that can create a lacquer master.