The Cover Art of 2 Tone Records

Specials Message to You Rudy single cover
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One of the pleasures of vinyl, as I’ve said more than once, is the album cover art.  Sometimes for its pure artistry, sometimes for the hidden messages that may or may not have been intended and in the case of labels like the UK’s 2 Tone Records, the political and social statements they make.

2 Tone was founded by Jerry Dammers of the Specials founded the label in 1979 with the backing of Chrysalis Records.

Fun fact, the man in the logo dressed in black suit and tie, white shirt and pork-pie hat is based on a picture of the Reggae  musician Peter Tosh.

Much of the cover art was by David Storey who is interviewed by Anton Spice for The Vinyl Factory – The story of 2 Tone Records’ radical cover art.

You can read more about Storey here.