New Vinyl Plant Now Pressing in Burlington Ontario – UPDATED

Gerry McGee
Gerry McGee – founder of Precision Record Pressing

As the lust for vinyl continues to swell, so do the new pressing facilities.  One of the latest to open is Precision Record Pressing in Burlington Ontario.  When this new plant opened in May of 2017 they were using GZ Media Presses imported from the Czech Republic.  GZ Media is only one of two manufacturers of new vinyl presses in the world.  Interestingly, Precision chose to go over seas for their presses rather than work with their GTA neighbour, Viryl Technologies who developed and are manufacturing the WarmTone presses.

Another new vinyl plant in the GTA, Microforum, did choose Viryl Technologies, and from the sample I received (Harrow Fair – Call to Arms), the WarmTone can produce some great vinyl.

The choice of pressing technology aside, it is great to welcome more vinyl pressing capacity into the mix.

In reading the Precision Record Pressing web site I found the digital mastering services interesting.  Before the actual lathe cutting process is undertaking, a digital or virtual groove is created using custom software so “our engineers work with a mapped out cutting path that allows him or her to troubleshoot an entire album prior to the actual cutting work.”

Precision also offers full packaging services including jacket production and shrink wrapping.

From the Toronto Sun article, it sounds like Gerry McGee the founder of Precision Record Pressing brings a lot of passion and some pretty solid musical experience to this endeavour.

Reinventing the record: New Burlington factory turns out vinyl albums

The 40 person staff can churn out 3.6 million records annually, but after the phase two expansion, this will increase to over six million.

The connection to Isotope Music Distribution should help get those new pressings to market.

From the Hamilton Spectator – World class vinyl plant opens its doors in Burlington