Vinyl Collecting in India

Full disclosure – I’m sadly western-centric.  When I think about vinyl my thoughts don’t generally go beyond North America, Europe and Australia.   So, it was a treat to read this article by Diya Kohli about vinyl in India.   Diya takes us through India’s first celebration of Record Store Day April 22, 2017.  On that day The Revolver Club, a Mumbai Audio and vinyl shop teamed up with Sony to set up vinyl sales across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.  Putting that in a Canadian context, that is potentially reaching a population greater than all of Canada (46 million versus 36 million).  to be sure, there are differences in potential purchasing power, but if this is happening in these cities, envisioning this spreading throughout the Indian population of 1.8 billion makes any record executive’s mind spin.

Another very cool feature of Record Store Day in India was the event hosted by Wild City – India’s Essential Online Music Guide.  Wild City launched their “Selectors” sessions.  These sessions  are intended “to create a regular space that celebrates and grows a vinyl culture in Delhi (and India) by offering an insight into the record collections of artists and individuals from around the world. Not only from DJ’s.”  The intention is to make these monthly sessions where a collector tours you through their vinyl collection.

Diya walks us through her passion for vinyl, both hers and her husband’s international crate digging experiences and the roots of vinyl culture in India.

There is also some interesting information about the Society of Indian Record Collectors who are trying to preserve recorded music in India going as far back as a 1902 recording of Miss Gauhar Jan of Calcutta.