Australia – A Down Under Love of Vinyl

Theres been lots of talk and plenty of media coverage about vinyl resurgence and the reasons why.  Well here’s three short interviews with musicians from Australia who all pretty much say what those in North America, Europe, Asia and where ever vinyl can be had.

I agree completely with their sentiments – good vinyl has a warmer quality, it is a different and more tactile / engrossing listening experience and, yeah,  the covers are cool.

What’s curious is why we have to keep questioning our enjoyment of vinyl?

Is it because vinyl is less accessible and we just can’t accept that something less accessible may still be really enjoyable?

Is it the lack of brute quantity of digital music that should make vinyl less worthwhile?

Is it the apparent imperfections of vinyl – the random pops and cracks – that should make one question the value of vinyl?

It seems that all of these things are what we enjoy about vinyl and what make the experience better.

Think of vinyl like a vintage convertible.   Top down on a cool summers night you’re going to get some bugs in your teeth, but it’s just worth it for the experience of really feeling the world around you.