Tears for Fears – Toronto June 19.

Tears For Fears
Tears For Fears, 2014

After R&B solo act Allen Stone took a shot at warming up the Monday night Toronto crowd, Tears for Fears took to the stage in front of an audience that you could sense may have been more interested in the blue-eyed soul duo, Hall and Oats.  That said, there was clearly a significant number in attendance who were there for Tears for Fears.

The duo, Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith who are Tears for Fears, gave fans what they had come for opening with their 1985 hit Everybody Wants to Rule the World from Songs From the Big Chair.  For a band that hasn’t seen the hits lists in some thirty years, its a good call to start with a song like this.  Jump forward to almost twenty years to Everybody Loves A Happy Ending and they served up a less familiar tune, Secret World which could have been a Wings cover.   They followed Sowing the Seeds of Love with the melodic Advice for the Young at Heart.

” Advice for the young at heart
Soon we will be older
When we gonna make it work?”

Well, looking at the vintage of the crowd in attendance, like Orzabal and Smith, we already were older, but we all made it work.  Roland and Curt recognized how long ago their peak was when they acknowledged that some of the audience may not have been born when they broke into the music world.  They also paid tribute to Toronto speaking fondly of the four shows they did in 1985 at the famed Massey Hall.

And for this crowd, we were happy that the duo patched up their differences and were able to get back into the studio and on the road to give us the next tune, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.  They then moved into Change and the hit Mad World – the crowd was fully engaged at this point in spite of some of Smith’s less than in key singing.  That said, the duo did a great cover of Radiohead’s Creep and then thrilled everyone with Pale Shelter.

Break It Down Again and Head Over Heels wrapped up the well ranging set before a well deserved encore of Shout.  How Roland forgot the lyrics is beyond me, but it was a crowd pleasing show all in all.