Run For Cover Records

Many of us with a passion for music would love to turn this into a career.  Most of us don’t have the musical talent to be the next Kanye (speaking personally here).  Most of us don’t have the cash or connections to be successful music promoters.  With all of these pretty obvious challenges, it is great to read about someone who seems to be making it.

Jeff Casazza owns and runs Run For Cover Records  in Boston.  As the article in the Boston Globe tells us, he started with a bit of cash from his dad, had 500 7″ records pressed and signed a couple of artists.  And, ran the label from his dorm room while studying business administration.  One would think that a solid business administration degree would have steered Casazza away from the fickle music industry – especially the vinyl component of the industry, but he had the belief that people will always pay for good music.

I like the fact that Casazza remembers those dorm room days.  Their FAQs make it clear that they take on one or two interns every semester – Nice!

From their web site Run For Cover Records states its mission – “Run for Cover Records got its start in 2004 between the walls of a New England dorm room. Out of a passion for local punk and hardcore music backboned by DIY ethos and aspirations for an all-inclusive community, the company has since evolved into an eclectic indie rock label crossing genres, scenes and geographies. Ten years since the labels inception Run For Cover no longer lives out of owner Jeff Casazzas’ apartment, but instead houses an entire team inside of its Boston headquarters.

This label is the product of common interests connected by wide-range discovery and a wholehearted commitment to establishing young artists from the ground up. While purist ambitions have led way to cracking the Billboard charts and being humbled by critical praise, Run for Cover gets its biggest endorsements in its role as the bridge between new bands and listeners.”

Loved the latest release from the Run For Cover signed band Citizen In the Middle of It All.

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