Vinyl Pressing on a “Tiny Canadian Island”.

I love the content created by the UK’s The Vinyl Factory, but I did feel a twinge of defensiveness at the reference to Prince Edward Island as a “tiny Canadian island” in the discussion of bootlegs.

“As vinyl sales continue to grow, with over 4.5 million albums  already sold on Discogs in 2017, and record pressing plants opening across the globe everywhere from a tiny Canadian island to South Korea to fill demand”.

The reference is to Kaneshii Records in Charlottetown.  They are running, I believe, two Viryl Technologies WarmTone presses with a capacity to produce 1.5 million records annually.  That’s almost triple the number of new vinyl records bought annually in Canada.  Pretty good for a tiny island that is actually a full fledged province and the home of confederation.

OK, enough of getting my skate laces in a knot.  The article at The Vinyl Factory looks at Discogs’ approach to bootleg music being sold – or not sold any more – on the site.  Its a good read from a company on a moderately sized island across the pond.

Do bootlegs matter? What Discogs’ new crackdown means for the site’s future