JENNA Nation – Turning Back Time

I’ve followed JENNA for a number of years (JENNA Nation – An Interview), so it is a real treat to listen and watch her latest release Turning Back Time.  The official release notes tell us that “Turning Back Time, sweet and simple, a soulful, acoustic ballad about the love that got away… Everyone has that moment where they wish that they could go back in time. JENNA Nation brings to you a song that depicts exactly that, with her smooth, soulful and warm vocals, relatable lyrics, soothing harmonies and haunting melody that will have you singing it after the first listen.”
All very true for this song, but I’d add JENNA’s vocal acumen is lifted by the smooth guitar work of Mr. Franks.  Mr. Franks is no stranger to talent having already worked with Meghan Trainor, Chris Brown, Big Sean and Ariana Grande.  Mr. Franks also left his mark on this recording lending his production skills in addition to guitar work.  Now if you’re fortunate to see JENNA live, her guitar accompanist will probably by Federico Luiu who provides the visuals on this video.
JENNA worked with the talented  Victoria Monet in writing Turning Back Time while in both LA and Toronto.
The video was shot at Poetry Jazz Cafe in Toronto.  It’s the perfect setting for a rising talent like Jenna.  Poetry Jazz Cafe tells us to “Define Yourself Before Your Critics Do”.  With her mix of jazz, R&B, soul and Hip-Hop, JENNA is defining herself as a very talented rising singer/song writer.  “I think a lot of people have certain expectations or preconceptions of me and so that is why I titled the album “You Don’t Know” because most people really don’t know who I am or much about me until they hear my voice and what I have to say.”
Watch for JENNA’s upcoming album “You Don’t Know” coming October 20.