Sex, Music and a Little Honey Dijon

It’s narrow to write only about music and worse still to write only about music that is on vinyl.   Music is both reflective of and a creator of culture, and as an art form, it is of equal importance to the visual arts, dance and fashion.  Reading Meet, Mate and Create, the Life of Honey Dijon, I was pushed to think about the … not sure what the right word is – convergence, overlap, maybe synergy – between the arts and our notions of gender and sexuality.

Honey Dijon is, as the NY Times states “at the vortex of music and fashion“.

Through the numerous interviews I read what hit me is how she seamlessly speaks about music, fashion, club culture and sexuality.  There is never an obvious attempt to make connections, she addresses them as a single entity – each with clear unique qualities, but all part of an complex system each influencing all others.

“I’m still excited about the music! I approach DJing as an art form or craft. For me it’s like someone painting a picture, or writing music, or designing something.”

You can listen to her set for the Louis Vuitton A/W Men’s Show 2017 on SoundCloud –  And you should listen!

As as a vinyl record enthusiast I really connected with her statement to Adam Wray in his interview for Sessense, “I miss the community of record stores, running into my peers, being introduced to music that I normally wouldn’t listen to. “

If anyone could school this old straight white guy on the dance floor, I suspect Honey Dijon would be the one.  Me on the dance floor may not be the visual you want to go to sleep with, but Sorry, there it is.

Be sure to read the full Ssense interview.