Aja At 40

Oh it is a frightening realization when you put the numbers together. I remember buying Aja when it was first released. That was 40 years ago. I was a teenager. I’ve clearly eclipsed the half century mark.

Nevertheless, at 40, Aja is still as relevant as ever. This is clearly evidenced by the number of covers, remixes and samples from every track on this album. Yes – every single track has been covered, remixed or sampled.

This Stereogum article gives credits for all seven tracks on Aja – Aja At 40: A Track-By-Track Listing Of Its Greatest Echoes. Its a testament to the exquisite musicianship of Becker and Fagan that this album is still being sampled and remixed in the 2010’s.  A fitting tribute to the late Walter Becker.