More Vinyl Down Under

As vinyl continues to experience a resurgence there is a greater need for vinyl pressing facilities.  Challenge is the lack of new equipment for these plants.  Enter Toronto’s Viryl Technologies.  With a vision to dramatically improve vinyl pressing processes, Viryl re-engineered vinyl pressing from beginning to end.  A significant element of the improvements Viryl has achieved relies on extensive data collection that allows the presses to be controlled on the fly.  Temperatures and pressures are constantly monitored and adjusted.  This also allows for a single person to operate two presses simultaneously.


The WarmTone presses are now being installed down under leading to Australia’s first vinyl pressing capabilities in 30 years.  Read the full article


When this article was shared with a number of Facebook vinyl record groups one keen reader brought to my attention Zenith Records.

“Zenith Records is Australia’s only dedicated Record Pressing facility carrying out quality Vinyl Record Pressing as well as lacquer cutting and galvanic plating all in house.  We are dedicated to offering world class Vinyl Record pressings made in Australia for the local and international marketplace

We are a fully integrated operation and pride ourselves being fully Australian owned and operated by dedicated staff with a passion for being involved in making great Vinyl Records

In 2013 we relocated to a new purpose built premises in East Brunswick to expand our operation and cater to the growing demand for vinyl records.

Our existing equipment has been fully refurbished to offer greater reliability while we await further automated pressing machines to complement our capacity and to respond to faster turnarounds.”

In re-reading the full article, it was stated that it is “first modern record press in Australia in 30 years.”  The headline neglected to include the modifier modern.