The Whiskey Bridge

Craigellachi BridgeWhat goes better with great vinyl music than a sampling of your favourite whiskeys (or bourbon or vodka or gin or tequila….)?Spin a few and sip a few more – but spin and sip responsibly, of course.

The Whiskey Bridge is inspired by the work of Thomas Telford.   Telford designed and supervised the construction of more than a thousand bridges during his career and has been called the “The Man of Iron”.

Perhaps the most beautiful bridge in Telford’s portfolio, and the oldest standing cast iron bridge in Scotland,  is The Craigellachie Bridge.  Built between 1812 and 1815, the bridge spans the Spey River.

Craigellachie lies at the very heart of Speyside. This is the place where the two rivers most closely associated with the Scotch Whisky industry, the Spey and the Fiddich, meet.  Craigellachie is home to two of Scotland’s finest distilleries: Craigellachie and Macallan distilleries.

The Whiskey BridgeEach Whiskey Bridge is hand crafted from a variety of hardwoods with the arch of the bridge replicating that of the Craigellachie bridge designed by Thomas Telford.  Each bridge holds five shot glasses suitable for sampling the finest scotches from around the world.  Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to scotch whiskey – any whiskey will do.  Or expand your sampling adventures to tequila, vodka or gin.

While only a limited number of Whiskey Bridges are available for immediate delivery, custom orders can be accommodated.  A gift of a Whiskey Bridge made from a wood of significance is always appreciated.  I have done custom orders in maple because the recipient had wonderful memories of the magnificent maples surrounding the family cottage.

A Whiskey Bridge with a selection of fine whiskeys makes a wonderful gift for the scotch connoisseur in your life.

The Whiskey Bridge Side ViewEach Whiskey Bridge comes complete with five 1.5 oz. sampling glasses.  Each glass rests in its own space on the bridge.

These hand crafted sampling fights are available for only $45 and can be shipped to Canada and the United States for a flat rate of only $5 each.  Please contact me directly at for delivery rates to other countries.