The Vinyl Mnky Vinyl Subscription Service.

Next up in the series on vinyl subscription services is Austin Texas-based Vinylmnky. Unlike the first two subscription services reviewed (Vinyl Moon and Funky Moose) the Vinylmnky is not involved in pressing new vinyl.  Instead, they focus on discovering breakthrough artists with already pressed vinyl.  Their tag-line sums it up perfectly – Discover New Music On Vinyl – Breakthrough records delivered to your doorstep, every month.

I reached out to Travis Jourdan, founder and self-proclaimed Professional Monkey with Vinylmnky to fill in some details about their services and the artists they work with.

In summary, Vinylmnky finds a Breakthrough Record of the Month one of the four segments pop, rock, hip hop and R&B.  Everyone is notified of the Breakthrough Record of the Month around the first of the month, through social media and emails. A member can respond to Vinylmnky via email or any socials and opt to select something from any of the pre-set genres listed above. They are broken out on the website. The Vinylmnky team then use these historical preferences in selecting the next Breakthrough Record.   So while you can’t exchange or return a record once you’ve received it, you do have options to make a decision prior to the monthly distribution.

In reviewing previous breakout records of the month, I know I would not have been disappointed to have added any of these to my collection. 

I’ve found an interesting array of vinyl subscription services.  I asked Travis how they came to land on this model for a subscription service?

When deciding this model, we wanted to focus on how we can best help the artist. We narrowed that down to new developing artists with their first albums. From there, we challenged ourselves with connecting the Tribe members to these new (potentially unknown) artists. This is where the artist add-ons come in, which have been a huge hit with the Tribe Members and beloved by the artists.

I was curious about membership numbers, but Travis wasn’t ready to share the size of the Tribe just yet.  He did provide some numbers on the size of their organization?

We’ve got a leadership team of 4 with a dozen other marketing and operations members.

That seems significant to me for a young company that has been up and running for just under three years.

In the About the Tribe section The Vinylmnky definitely focuses on Millenials.  As an old-fart boomer, I’m trying to be open and not be pissed by this – we boomers are way to used to controlling consumer markets, but it seems our fixed retirement incomes may be diminishing our influence.  I asked Travis about the reasoning for this emphasis beyond this being the demographic buying new music on vinyl?

Haha! We love our “old-fat boomer” members. When dealing with new artists and new music – the Millennial demographic really connects with the mission, the product, and overall experience.

I was curious about quality control issues.  With the previous subscriptions services I’ve reviewed, they are involved in the pressing process, so they have significant control over the quality of the product they are shipping.  The the About the Tribe section ” Vinylmnky strives for the highest quality in everything they do. From the packaging and care of the record, to how it was made. This is why all records are vetted for the highest quality.”

What do you do if you’ve got a great new artist with poor quality vinyl?

This is a great question, and a difficult process when we run across it. We mitigate poor quality in everything that we do – so we would opt out of working with the artist at that time, and look at other ways we can collaborate on other releases, or even connecting them with some solid vinyl manufacturers.

Can you tell me more about the main Mnkys  Travis and Nick Jourdan?  Who are they and where did they come from?  Tell me about their journey to create Vinylmnky.

Nick and I are best friends, cousins, and lovers of new music. We both matriculated from Business Colleges in California and Texas and have always been involved in music, but not the industry. With entrepreneurial backgrounds (we both started environmentally oriented non-profits in college), we wanted to create a company that was founded on something we mutually loved. From this, a lot of planning, some elbow grease, and a few speed bumps along the way, Vinylmnky was born.

Of course, if there is anything else you’d like to share, that would be great too.

Here’s a discount code we can share: NEWMNKY

I looked back through your 2016 list of breakthrough records – very nice list – some personal favorites and some new music that I’m discovering. Also loving New Music Friday Playlist.

Thank you so much. We take pride in our selections and our playlists. Feel free to share any new music with us.

What you get and what it costs.

  • Breakthrough Record of the MonthWe’ve got a team of taste-makers who are well versed in all genres of music, making sure each album is carefully vetted before we deem it acceptable to send to our Tribe. You’ll be receiving new albums that define the trend of the music trajectory and will only bolster your current collection.
  • Custom Artist Add On
    Each month, we work with artists, their record labels and management teams and lend complete creative control to the artists and their team to decide on custom add-ons they would like to provide to vinylmnky Tribe Members.
  • Original Album Write Up Lithograph
    Tribe Member Discounts for all Albums (15% on BROTM)
Vinylmnky Lithograph
Sample monthly offering. The lithograph is top right.
Subscription Rates For US Tribe Members –

$29.99 USD on the monthly auto-renewal plan
$27.99 USD monthly when you commit to six months and it auto-renews every six months.  If you prepay, it’s $159.99 – a savings of about $8.
$24.99 USD monthly when you commit to twelve months and it auto-renews every twelve months  If you prepay, it’s $289.99 – a savings of about $10.

To cover the higher shipping costs, here are the international subscription rates.
$45.75 USD on the monthly auto-renewal plan
$42.75 USD montly when you commit to six months and it auto-renews.  If you prepay it’s $229.99 – a savings of about $27.
$40.75 USD montly when you commit to six months and it auto-renews.  If you prepay it’s $425.99 – a savings of about $63.