Vinyl Me Please Vinyl Subscription Service

Vinyl Me Please (VMP) is one of the growing number of record of the month clubs, but not the 70’s scam type. They have a distinctly different approach –

“We believe in the power of the album as an art form. That music is a form of connection. That an album isn’t just something you own, but something that becomes a part of you. And we offer a full sensory experience that encourages you to deeply connect with the music you’re listening to. Vinyl is a tangible representation of the music you love, and brings with it a ritual you shouldn’t live without. What you listen to and how you listen to it matters. It ends up being an essential part of who you are.”

To that end, VMP delivers more than just a special edition album each month. November 2017’s selection was the latest from St. Vincent – Masseduction – and includes an exclusive alternate jacket color, lapis blue vinyl, 16-page lyric and photo booklet, exclusive iron-on fabric patch, and 12×12 original art print by Megan Bowker. You can see how VMP is giving “a full sensory experience”.

For January 2018, VMP`s record of the month is Play by Moby – a very cool choice.

” Play was an outlier when it was released in 1999; an electronic album made with decades-old vocal samples, a last-ditch attempt by Moby to forge a successful music career. Thanks to licensing deals that put Play in movies and car commercials, it sneakily got more airplay than any electronic album before or since, and because of that, has become the most influential. Electronic music went from being the province of a few obsessives to being a global force thanks to Play’s mainstreaming of the genre.”

Of the subscription services that I’ve reviewed so far VMP is honestly the least interesting.  True they have put out some great albums, but I’m not getting any vibe of a service that is unique or has a deep interest in the artists or promoting new artists.  VMP does a lot of online advertising which just gives me an uneasy feeling.

What do you get and what does it cost?

  • A new record essential to your collection, pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members, delivered every month.
  • First dibs on other VMP exclusive titles, available only to members, plus a curated set of new releases, reissues and box sets to round out any collection.
  • ‘The Standard’ newsletter will make you scream with laughter and delight while it fills your brain with good knowledge about great things. (you can have this without being a member).

The monthly rate ranges from $42 if you only want a single month to $33 if you commit to a full 12 months. Now VMP curates your monthly record, but you do have the swap option to swap any album for one in the VMP archives. That’s a pretty good deal. If you are on a VMP plan for 3, 6 or 12 months then you know in advance what the record of the month is and you can request a swap before your record is sent out. There is no limit on the number of swaps.

VMP currently ships to 33 countries outside the USA, and as far as I can tell from their site, shipping is included in the membership fees.