Worst Albums of 2018

The end of the year always brings “best of ” list, so I thought I’d look at the worst albums of the year instead.  You may also be interested in the post on the Worst Albums Ever.

The first thing I noticed is the list compiled by Album of the Year starts at number 1 – presumably the worst of the worst.  Most best of lists start at say number 100 and make you work your way up.  Don’t know what this means, but interesting.

These lists are created by looking at critic and user ratings from a variety of credible sources in the music industry (Hip Hop DX,  Consequence of SoundThe Needle Drop,   Rolling StonePitchfork,   NME  etc.)  The low score is purely an average of the ratings.

6ix9ine`s Dummy Boy was the worst of the worst with a score of 37.  No critic reviews gave this album more than 58 with a low score of 20.  While not critically acclaimed, that is a pretty significant range.

 As far as genres go, trap rap was represented by 7 of the bottom 25 on this list.

Moving on to Top Tens list, 6ix9ine’s Dummy Boy landed at the number one spot here too.

You may also be interested in Business Insider list of the worst albums of each year since 2000 .  I`m still liking Dirty Vegas One which got a colossal 37 meta score and Blender said it was “Exhaustingly awful”.  So what do I know.