Experience Vinyl

Most of the vinyl subscription services use curators of some sort.  It may be just the individual who runs the service like Turntable Kitchen or a crowd sourced curation like Vinyl Me Please or Feedbands.  Enter Experience Vinyl curated by the stars.  And by stars, I’m talking about icons of music like Elton John, Quincy Jones, Grace Slick, Sean Lennon, Brian Wilson and more.
Experience Vinyl will be offering exclusive limited edition iconic albums, custom pressed in colored vinyl.  Pressings are usually limited to 500.  First out includes Miles Davis Sketches In Spain, White Rabbit 7″ by Jefferson Airplane and Matt Sorum’s Fierce Joy Stratosphere.  The LP’s are $24.99 and the 7″ is $12.99.  

The albums look very nice and I expect they will be high quality from the sleeve on in.  I did check shipping costs and they are pretty steep for international orders like me: from $24 – $55 USD.  That doubles the cost, so it will have to be a pretty special pressing to get me to buy in.

Experience Vinyl also offers limited edition box sets.  Here’s the description of the Sketches in Spain box set curated by Carlos Santana.

“Get Sketches of Spain, Miles Davis’ epic 1960 album, named by Experience Vinyl curator Carlos Santana as his #1 favorite record of all-time, in LIMITED EDITION yellow/red swirl colored vinyl on audiophile mono, the way so many people remember it.

  • Carlos Santana’s handwritten “Top 10” list
  • 3 Essays written by Santana
  • Sketches “Track-by-Track” listening guide
  • “10 Things to Know” about Sketches of Spain

Included in each set:

-Sketches of Spain, by Miles Davis on 180g yellow/red colored vinyl

– Limited edition pressing of 1000

– Companion booklet that includes:

These box sets are $28.99 plus shipping and taxes.  Shipping is only slightly higher.  If the Sketches in Spain box set wasn’t already sold out, I’d be ordering it.  Only $4 more for a super unique product with notes and essays from Carlos Santana – how cool is that?

Experience Vinyl was founded by Jake Fishbein and Brad Hammonds.  Hammonds owns Footnote Records and Fishbein works with him at Footnote while  also being the guitarist and writer with the band Hannah Gill & The Hours.  Fishbein also is the author of the Desert Albums blog.  These guys have given a lot of thought to that late night question – “If you could only take one album with you to a desert island for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”  The Experience Vinyl curators answer this with each month’s box set.

I’m on this list for Sketches in Spain when it gets pressed again.