Great YouTube Videos for Vinyl Lovers

There’s thousands of record collecting YouTube videos.  Some are great – some are not so great.  Here’s a few that I’ve come across that I like with a brief explanation of why I like it.  and note that I’m only linking to a single video from each person to give you a taste.  Most of these producers have multiple interesting and sometimes great Youtube videos.  If you like one, explore others.

Vinyl Rewind – FOMO and the Pains of Record Collecting

  • This is a 25 minute wide ranging discussion about why we collect and the ins and outs of what we collect.
  • I like the discussion about what we want our collection to be.

Snazzy Labs – 7 Tips to Perfect Spinning Vinyl.

  • Good advice on record care, storage and playback.
  • Includes links to all of the produces mentioned.

Vinyl TV – Very Detailed Turntable Setup For Beginners 

  • Super detailed instructions for setting up your turntable.

Modern Classic – How to Buy A Turntable

  • Helping people new to vinyl make a good selection for a turntable under $500
  • I found the advice to be very solid.

Real Engineering – The Truth About Vinyl

  • Great exploration of how records are used to playback music
  • Really makes the case for digital formats over analogue.

VinylEyezz – Top 5 Failed Record Formats

  • A fun discussion of failed vinyl formats