Gift Ideas for the Record Lover

There’s no end of gifts that the vinyl record lover in you life will be happy with.  However, if vinyl isn’t your world, then knowing what gift is most appropriate can be tricky.  Here are my gift suggestions.

Record Cleaning Help

Even if they only buy and listen to brand new records, these still need to be cleaned.  There are a number of options, but the most basic is a carbon fiber brush.  Here’s some other option for low cost record cleaning.

The next step up is a manual disc cleaner like the Spin Clean.  If you’re feeling really in the spirit, consider one of these record cleaning machines.

Record Protection

There are three considerations for protecting a vinyl record collection: the inner sleeve that the record slides into and is then slid into the outer record sleeve, bags for the outer sleeve, and proper storage.

When I first started collecting I bought round bottom polyethylene inner sleeves.  They were probably the cheapest inner sleeves.  While they did the job, they were often a pain to slide into the outer sleeve.  I’ve since used paper sleeves that are polyethylene lined.  the poly lining gives great protection and has anti-static qualities while the paper outer gives a bit more rigidity to make handling of my records easier.  They are a bit more expensive, but when you think of spending $20 or more for a record, isn’t it wise to spend a few cents more on insurance with a good quality inner sleeve.

When purchasing outer sleeve covers, consider getting something that is very clear – you don’t want to have to remove the cover to read the sleeve notes.  Also, go with at least 2 mil HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

For proper storage – I’m biased, but I highly recommend Vinyl Cubes.  Here’s a bit more info on record storage and handling.

Vinyl Subscriptions

When you don’t know what vinyl to give as a gift you can always get a gift certificate for a local record store, Amazon or Ebay.  

You should also consider gifting a vinyl subscription.  These are services that press new releases that are usually only available through the subscription service.  Check out this post for more info on subscription services.