A quick Google search for new vinyl record cleaning machines yields very little that is new. It appears that most innovation occurred in the seventies when vinyl was still the dominant medium for high quality music. There were plenty of brushes that picked up some dust. Products like the Discwasher and D-4 cleaning systems were popular. They used a combination of fine brushes and solutions to clean.

The problem with these solutions include general ineffectiveness at best and damaging at worst. Sometimes the brushes were abrasive or the solutions used left residues.

The prevailing wisdom in the audiophile marketplace indicates that vacuuming systems are the gold-standard for true record cleaning. These systems spin the record while using a vacuuming mechanism to extract unwanted debris. Most also use some liquid to assist in the extraction process.

So, here’s a few options. Note that none of these options are inexpensive. See this article for some inexpensive and safe cleaning methods.

Nitty Gritty


Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning MachineThe model 1.0 record cleaning machine is about $500 USD. It is a manual system in that you must apply the cleaning solution and rotate the record during the vacuuming process. The Model 1.0 cleans one side at a time.

Models 1.5 and 2.5 add automatic rotation during vacuuming but do require the manual application of the cleaning fluid. They range in price from $775 to $925 USD.

If money is no object, then the mini-pro 2.0 dies it all. It rotates your record while automatically applying the cleaning fluids during the vacuuming and scrubbing process on both sides of the LP. The model with an oak case will set you back $1,459 USD.


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Needle Doctor

Steve Hoffman

VPI Industries


VPI Record Cleaning MachineThe HW 16.5 is VPI’s 30th anniversary model record cleaning machine. According to the Audio Magazine review,

“I have found the HW-16.5 to be an outstanding performer. The record surfaces are microscopically clean and are so pristine they look new!” — Bert Whyte, Audio Magazine

This product also won a Stereophile Product of the Year Award.

This machine has a 35 second per side cleaning cycle with a vacuum hose that automatically adjusts to varying LP thicknesses.According to VPI Industries, the self-aligning vacuum arm and liquid collection system ensures that labels are never damaged by liquid spray.

The HW 16.5 can be had for $680 USD.


Audio Review

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Audio Advisor



Okki Nokki Record Cleaning MachineThis German company makes only one model of record cleaning machine which is available in black or white. It comes with vacuum tubes to accommodate 7″, 10″ and 12″ records. Like the VPI machine, the liquid solution is drained by a tide in the lower portion of the machine.

Under $400 USD.



Tech Radar

True Audiophile


In response to my post on inexpensive methods to clean your records, a number of people mentioned the following machines.  They are significantly cheaper and reviews seem to be favorable.  I’d suggest the Spinclean.

For $179 CDN the MK III is getting positive reviews.

Also the Record Doctor V currently $199 USD.