At Vinyl Cubes, we try to post vinyl news and reviews, but let’s be honest, it’s tough to keep up with it all.  And there’s lots of people trying to do the same thing, so here’s some links to sites we really like.  If you think your site should be added,  send the info to .

There are also some musicians that we’ve become fond of – not just because of their great music, but because they’ve made themselves accessible to share their experiences with those of us who care to listen.

And because Vinyl Cubes loves vinyl, as we talk to companies involved in production and distribution of vinyl and provide links to their sites.

Record stores are not in this list because we’ve got a database of these on our Record Stores page.  If you have a record store that you would like added to the database, send the info to

There’s of ways organizing lists like this.  Perhaps in time, we at Vinyl Cubes will find a better way to organize this list.  For now, the top on every in the list is the one we’ve most recently discovered – no reflection on quality, just lack of time to better organize.



Funky Moose Records

An on-line Canadian new and used vinyl store as well as a new vinyl subscription service.

Vinyl Moon

Interesting monthly vinyl subscription service

FYI Music News

A Journal About Canada’s Music Industry – good deep reads and interesting news.

The Burning Ear

An excellent music blog focusing on new and up-and-coming artists.  It has been operating and enlightening the musically curious since 2009.

Canadian Musician

“The online home of Canada’s magazine for musicians and music industry professionals. Canadian Musician was founded in 1979 and continues to serve the Canadian music community with entertaining, informative, and insightful content.”

Harrow Fair

Harrow Fair is Miranda Mulholland and Andrew Penner – two tremendously multi-talented musicians.  I came to know them through Microforum Vinyl Pressing because their album Call to Arms was the first commercial pressing to come off the new WarmTone presses at Microforum.

I came to love Harrow Fair when I received a review copy of Call to Arms.


Microforum Vinyl Pressing

Microforum was the first Canadian company to start using the WarmTone presses.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Noble Musa, VP of Sales and Marketing, about these presses and the future of vinyl.

Microforum – Helping Us Decompress One Record At A Time.


Kaneshii Vinyl Pressing

This is a Charlottetown Prince Edward Island vinyl pressing company.  They should be up and running in March 2017 using the WarmTone presses from Viryl Technologies.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Rice at Kaneshii to learn more about their set up – read Dropping Digital to Drop the Needle.


Album Cover Art Hall of Fame

This is a great site curated by Mike Goldstein.  If you’ve every wondered about the people behind the covers on your vinyl, this site will absolutely have the answers.

Paul Rigby

Paul is a self-proclaimed “Audiophile Man”, journalist for over 30 years and clearly a music lover.  His site has well written reviews of music and audio equipment.  You’ll also find reviews of music books and DVDs.


Indie Ethos

This niche site presents reviews and original interviews of music and film from independent artists.  Well written and insightful.  For your fix of the fringe, this is the site to visit.


Hypnagogue Reviews are just one listener’s opinion. One. Whether it matters is up to you.

This one listener comes to the music with no presumption of a technical understanding of how it is made. This one listener does not claim to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the genre. This one listener puts on the music, listens to it many times, and when he is ready, he writes about it—from the standpoint of one average listener.

This listener just happens to have a way with words. He’s been writing for a very long time.

The Hypnagogue is John Shanahan, a writer and long-time ambient/electronic music lover who lives a bit south of Boston, Massachusetts.