Let’s Give Credit to Viryl Technologies

In a CBS interview with Jack White, the founder of Third Man Records, much credit is given to this label for putting into production the first new vinyl presses in 35 years.  They started pressing in February of this year.

“When Third Man Records opened its new vinyl pressing plant in February, it was a landmark in the unexpected renaissance of vinyl records. The plant’s eight German-made machines are the first new presses to be built in about 35 years, reports “CBS This Morning: Saturday” co-host Anthony Mason. ”

Well I’m holding my copy of Call to Arms by Harrow Fair that was also pressed in February of this year by Microforum on a brand new Virly Technologies  WarmTone press.  What’s more news-worthy is the fact that the Viryl Technologies WarmTone presses are completely redesigned presses – not just newly manufactured presses employing no new technologies or advances.

The WarmTone  uses extensive sensors within the presses that allows for the collection of  vast quantities of data.  The ADAPT (Advanced Device Analytics Pressing Technology) platform monitors every aspect of the processes, analyses this data for efficiencies and makes adjustments on the fly.   These presses are significantly more efficient allowing a single operator to control two presses that each press about 33% faster than the older presses.

The WarmTone has been pressing commercially available discs at the Viryl plant just east of Toronto since the fall of 2016.

These presses will be producing new vinyl at Kaneshii Records in Prince Edward Island this month and some presses are also being installed south of the border.

Good on Jack White and Third Man Records to keep pushing vinyl, but lets give Viryl Technologies their due credit too.