Music Listening in Canada

Wow – 93% of Canadians were listening to music in 2016.  I’m not sure why it isn’t 100%, but that’s a personal bias.  Still, this represents an increase from 89% in 2015. That’s ten percentage points higher than the number who reported watching hockey weekly in a 2010 MasterCard survey.  And lots more than the number of Canadians who actually play hockey.  Only ten percent of Canadian adults told StatsCan that they regularly played hockey in a 2005 survey.  Seems in general we’re more interested in watching and listening than actually doing.  That same StatsCan survey found about 28% of Canadians are actively participating in some kind of sport.

How does music listening compare to reading?
Seems we listen more than we read, but we do read a lot. Eighty-eight percent of Canadians reported having read at least one book in 2014 according to a survey conducted by

The next obvious comparison is music and sex.

Seventy-nine percent of Canadians reported having spontaneous sex.  That’s less than the world average of 86%, but we may have been listening to music instead.  I’d suggest that combining the two may help both averages and our general sense of well being.

According to the Nielsen report, Nielsen Music 360 Canada Report, more than half of Canadians are using their smartphones to listen to music.  This is true of three out of four millenials.

We listen to music more than we watch TV: 32 hours versus 30 hours per week.  And we know that lots of that TV watching is music related: think Much Music, American Idol, The Voice….

Read the full report here.