JENNA Nation – Forever

Jenna Nation just dropped her latest video / song – Forever Feat. Fame Holiday.

I’ve interviewed Jenna and reviewed her music and videos, and had occasion to see her perform live. It’s tough to stay impartial when you really want an artist to succeed. You look for the positives in their work and you want to ignore or at least downplay any of the short comings. So, it’s a relief when you get to watch a video like Forever.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way. The video wasn’t sunny enough. I don’t mean this metaphorically. This is a song of affirmation – “I wanna stay forever and ever.” And I want to see the sun sparkling off the CN Tower. That’s it – that’s all the negatives I could find.

The video opens with some ambient traffics noise – perfect for a downtown Toronto shoot. It nicely transitions into some catchy rich beats worthy of headphone listening – I mention the headphones because you get the full left right swing effect. It’s appropriate and subtle, but a nice bit of ear candy only seconds into the song.

Jenna’s vocals continue to be smooth, soulful and worthy of the indie music recognition she is getting. Just two weeks after it’s launch, Forever is ranked in the Top Ten on the Worldwide Indie charts and being picked up by radio stations daily.

This song also features the talented Canadian hip hop / rap artist Fame Holiday . There is a story line in this song. Jenna says “No more, feeling like I’m not good enough” while Fame Holiday is looking for forgiveness. Let’s hope they patch it up, because this is a collaboration that works for both of them. Check out Fame Holiday’s Facebook .

This song represents another writing collaboration with Victoria Monet. I reviewed a previous collaboration on Turning Back Time.

Videography is provided by Ben Wong. He uses great geometrics in the architecture as the video sweeps across the Toronto skyline. There is strength in this imagery that supports Jenna’s assertion that she is finding herself and moving on. The geometry contrasts nicely with the smooth dance scene. I love the fact that it’s now cool to identify your videos and music with Toronto. The Six has come of age and is doing a great job producing performers like Jenna.