A Valentine’s Record

French artist, Julia Drouhin, creates a playable record out of chocolate.  It is limited to about ten plays before the chocolate wears out, but then you can eat it – that’s not too bad.

Drouhin is a Tasmania based artist who says she “…always been interested in listening to the world a bit differently, in a playful way.”  To be sure she is doing this.  What I love about this is the way it builds on what so many vinyl aficionados love about vinyl – it touches on more of our senses than just hearing.

“You can look at it, you can listen to it, you can smell it, you can break it, you can share it — and you can eat it,”

Drouhin learned how to first make the silicone molds and experimented with various frozen media, but quickly found that they had to remain frozen to be playable.  She then enlisted the expertise of Irish chocolatier Ben Milne to create a crystallized chocolate that, when frozen, will play respectably will for a handful of rotations.

“It’s close to the wax that makes the cylinder, which is the ancestor of the record. I wanted to have a musical object that would fade out, disappear while it’s played. So it’s just for one unique moment, in one place, one time. It’s not reproducible and it’s unpredictable,” says Drouhin.