The Roundensounden From IKEA

Ok, it’s really going to be called the Frekvens and it’s the new IKEA line of a turntable, DJ equipment and party lighting. Personally, I like my name better but Sven didn’t respond to my tweets with this suggestion. It’s a partnership with Teenage Engineering. According to the IKEA press release, Teenage Engineering is “a collective of creatives known for making music, designing electronic instruments like synthesizers and speakers.”

IKEA Turntable
Prototype IKEA Turntable, Speakers and Lights.

Given IKEA’s history, I expect a very minimalist design. I generally find the IKEA designs visually appealing. Unfortunately, my experience with the quality of IKEA products is not good. I’ve found that their furniture is good value if you don’t move it. It just does not stand up to repeated home relocations. I’ve assembled and moved many pieces of IKEA furniture through a total of 15 years of my kids’ university studies – it doesn’t stand up over time.

Given my less than optimal experience with ikea quality, I’m dubious about the build quality of any ikea turntable.

The following from the ikea press release is also curious….

“We know that for younger people spontaneity is key. The idea of gathering some friends could become a reality in minutes. What is then needed at home? Or maybe you want to bring along the party somewhere else? Together with Teenage Engineering we want to explore the possibilities of bringing the party with you and what else you need for a great party.” says Michael Nikolic, Creative leader at IKEA Range & Supply.

When I think of spontaneity, a turntable and 12 inch vinyl does not jump to mind. How about some electronic format on a small device that you could stream to a set of speakers, but maybe that’s been done – I’ll have to check.

One of the 22 components that ikea will be releasing is the Electronic Choir. I’m guessing synth and/or karaoke with a little allen key. Oh yeah, and an electric guitar is part of the collection too. Sounds like the system will be jack of all trades and master of none.

The ikea products hit the shelves February 2019.