The Royal Wedding On Vinyl

You may have heard that there was a Royal wedding May 19th.  If you didn’t, please crawl out from under your rock.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markel tied the royal knot and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  If you were not one of the millions of North Americans who rose early to watch the event, no worries.  Within hours it was available for streaming via Apple And Spotify services.  Yes – a Royal first.  Sadly, not available to  Canadian Apple subscribers – and we’re part of the  Commonwealth, too.


For those who are satisfied with audio only, there are are few options.


Itunes released The Royal Wedding – The Official Album (live) shortly after the event on May 19.  And by shortly after I mean within hours. The download is $11.99 CDN.  You can select some individual tracks for $1.29 each, while the spoken portions of the ceremony are only available by purchasing the entire album.   The marriage of William and Kate was also released through Itunes  in 2011, so this isn’t new.


There were also a plethora of options for streaming the Royal wedding live, but that’s old news now.


What is news is the release of this event on vinyl. Decca Records is a label owned by Universal Music and is known for its extensive classical catalog.  Decca will be recording the Royal wedding which will be released via services such as Apple Music and Spotify.  Such recordings and releases are not new territory for Decca as they recorded the Wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011, as well as the Wedding of The Prince and Princess of Wales in 1981, and the Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.


Included on this album will be British cellist Sheku Kanneh Mason.   The album maybe worth purchasing just for performance of Ave Maria by the British phenom.  It seems that the Paul Smith socks he wore for his Royal wedding performance are also getting lots of attention.  Its hard to argue with the selection of this young man as he was winner of the 2016 BBC Young Musician of the Year competition.


Anna Barry, who has produced more than 500 classical recordings, will produce the recording of the Royal wedding.  “Capturing the words and music of this Royal Wedding is a great responsibility, knowing how much a permanent record of the event will mean to so many people around the world. Our Decca team will deliver a state of the art recording which captures every nuance of this very happy day and it will be a joy to be a part of the celebrations.”, said Barry.


No release date for the vinyl is available yet, but we can assume it will contain a version of the commemorative booklet that will be included with the CD version.