New Lenco Turntables for 2018

Lenco has a strong history of producing quality turntables and tone arms.  The company was founded in Switzerland in 1946 by Fritz and Marie Laeng.  By that time, Fritz already had twenty years of experience in the electronics field when he became fascinated with the growing field of audio electronics.  Over the years Lenco has produced dozens of turntable models and exported to more than 80 countries.  The most successful Lenco turntable back in the pinnacle of the vinyl era  was the L 75.  It was introduced in 1967 and boosted a massive 312 millimeter, 4 kilogram platter with aluminum housing.  Lenco is now owned by the Dutch Lenco STL.
Currently Lenco has nine turntables all of which have USB connections for converting your vinyl to digital format.
The most recent releases are the  L-30 and L-400.  The L-30 is semi-automatic belt drive turntable, which retails for about $110 USD.  It has a built-in USB port, RCA line output, and is available in wood or black coloured MDF.
Here’s the 2UnBox review   and a few more specs and short review at  Gear 4 Music.
The L-400 should retail for about $250 USD.  This turntable  is direct drive with a USB port.  It also has an integrated stereo pre-amplifier, Audio Technica moving magnetic cartridge, RCA line output, and is available in black.
You can read reveiws of both the L-30 and L-400 at Gadgety News.