Worst Albums – do you have any?

I came across this MSN piece on the 41 Worst Albums and wanted to see if any of them were in my vinyl collection or in my Apple Music stream.    Mostly no with one interesting exception – in my ever so humble opinion – One by Dirty Vegas.  Released in November 2004, it ranked as the 36th worst album based on the Metacritic score.


Metracritic aggregates critics’ scores from a variety of reputable web sites.  To be in the list, there had to be at least seven scores provided.  Here’s more details about how the scores are created for the truly nerdy among us.


One landed a score of 35.  Now a guy named Phil Collins had an album on the list at number 37 with a score of 34 – worse than the Dirty Vegas score and Phil did have a pretty successful career.


Blender called the album “Exhaustingly awful” and gave it a score of 10 – Ouch.


From Rolling Stone (a publication I rely on) “The limp rhythm section and layered guitars expose the rote melodies, ridiculously dull lyrics and cruise-control tempo” with a score of 20.


Even PopMatters good review really wasn\t so much  “What Dirty Vegas has really accomplished with this release is a completely unpretentious piece of work designed to move folks who want nothing more than something fun and catchy to listen to.”


For me, its an inoffensive listenable album.  No, its not going to challenge you, but sometimes that’s ok.  And it also peaked at #7 of the US Dance and Electronica chart.


So, how many of these are in your collection?
Melodia  The Vines
The Entrance Band  The Entrance Band
Imperial Blaze  Sean Paul
The Weirdness  The Stooges
Generation  Audio Bullys
Charmbracelet  Mariah Carey
Crown Royal  Run-D.M.C.
The Rebirth Of Venus  Ben Lee
Memories: Do Not Open  The Chainsmokers
I Am Me  Ashlee Simpson
Baptism  Lenny Kravitz
Scream  Chris Cornell
Jewellery Quarter  The Twang
It Had to Be You… The Great American Songbook  Rod Stewart
iSouljaBoyTellem  Soulja Boy Tell Em
Cosmos Rocks  Queen + Paul Rodgers
Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay  Kreayshawn
What The…  Black Flag
Hoodstar  Chingy
Super Collider  Megadeth
All The Right Reasons  Nickelback
14 Shades Of Grey  Staind
A Day Without Rain  Enya
A Lively Mind  Paul Oakenfold
Never Gone  Backstreet Boys
Liz Phair  Liz Phair
Jagged Little Pill Acoustic  Alanis Morissette
Graffiti  Chris Brown
BAYTL  V-Nasty
United Nations of Sound  Richard Ashcroft
(One)  The Panic Channel
Fortune  Chris Brown
Life On Display  Puddle Of Mudd
Slick Dogs And Ponies  Louis XIV
Nine Track Mind  Charlie Puth
Rebirth  Lil Wayne
One  Dirty Vegas
Testify  Phil Collins
Famous First Words  Viva Brother
Results May Vary  Limp Bizkit
Playing With Fire  Kevin Federline