Keepers Record Club

They just keep popping up.  Seems that when I see the light at the end of the tunnel in reviewing vinyl subscription services a new one appears.  To be fair, they are not always new, just new to me.    Keepers Record Club is a new discovery for me.  I spent some time wandering around the Keepers web site and many of my questions were answered.

What does it cost?

There are three plans to choose from:  Month-to-month at $26, 3 Month a $75 and 12 Month at $288.  You save a bit by purchasing more months in your subscription – that’s always nice.

What do you get?

You get to choose one of three albums for the month.  You can order more than one from the featured list and members also receive discounts from the Keepers Club archives.  Members receive an email letting them know what the three featured albums are and they then have ten days to make a selection.  Alternatively, they can choose an album from the Keepers shop.  Good to have options.  I like the feature that allows you to preview the featured albums before making your decision.  I’m still not adventurous nor wealthy enough to throw caution to the wind and take whatever the Indie feature is each month.

Each featured Indie LP also comes with a “Keepers Road Map” helping you explore the artist and their influences.

” Whether it’s the artists’ influences, side projects, associated acts or other contemporaries, the road map will show where to go next for the best companion records.”

Featured Indie:   New and notable recent indie records.

For October 2018 – How about a never-before-heard Monk recording? Monk is a previously unreleased recording stumbled upon by accident and featuring Thelonious Monk’s “most critically acclaimed” quartet live in Copenhagen in 1963.

“The performance, a mixture of Monk originals and interpretations of standards, showcases Monk at his prime: full of avant-garde flair and wit, but always with a swinging feel explains his title as the ‘High Priest of Bebop’. The original tapes, saved from a skip and blessed with the approval of the Monk estate, have been faithfully restored, mastered and cut using Gearbox’s legendary all-analogue process.”
Now this sounds like a vinyl jazz dream.

Notable Reissue: Classics and staples for anyone’s collection
For October –  She & Him / Volume 1 – Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its release, She & Him’s Volume One has been reissued on gorgeous daffodil yellow vinyl.

Originally released in 2008 by super-duo M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, Volume One harkens back to the era of 60s doo-wop and R&B with an endearing indie twist.

Outlier: Records to get you out of your comfort zone and challenge your tastes
For October –  Ava Luna / Moon 2 –  Ava Luna has always been a conversation between its members—sometimes inward-facing, but always uniquely worth eavesdropping on. Soul and funk, krautrock, post-punk, R&B, gospel and even reggae influences all bounce off each other in sync with each participant’s idiosyncratic background and interests. With Moon 2, that specificity has only tightened but, as in any relationship that has existed for the better part of a decade, the conversation has evolved.

The backstory for Keepers Club is not unlike many other similar sites and vinyl shops – the art work, the warmth of vinyl, the ritual of caring for and spinning vinyl.  The story repeats, but it never gets old for me.

“Growing up as a kid of the 90s, listening along to my parents vinyl collection I learned early on to appreciate the act of attentive listening. I’d pour over the extra large artwork, turn over the sleeves, squint at the liners, but I’d be there. Right there. Just listening.

It was like making friends. You just want to learn what’s they’re all about. This was where my tastes, and more importantly my appreciation of music began to take shape.

The ritual of turning over sides, learning how to clean the vinyl…immersed in the interaction with the physical form of the music I could feel so deeply – it all made a powerful impact.

After college, years later and after much digital distraction, in the mid-aughts I decided to stick around Athens, GA and become one with the local music scene. This included many a trip to Wuxtry and Schoolkids (RIP) record stores. It was here my love for vinyl reemerged and soon I began collecting and connecting with other collectors.

But something was missing.

After years of collecting it occurred to me it sure would be nice if there was a resource that could spotlight a great record, but also show collectors what records and artists to check out next. Think of it as ‘You may also like’ but with an actual human touch. Like a library’s reference desk all your own.

And so, after beginning with artist-curated selections, Keepers was born and became the club that shows you were to go next.”

The site also has a very good blog that discusses the music and musicians that have been featured artists.  I’m a fan of Wild Nothing, so I really enjoyed the post on “Canyon On Fire“.

As always, you need to know about shipping and international memberships.  Shipping is included with your membership for addresses in the US.  Keepers does ship internationally, but there will be some added costs for that service.

I like the selections available at Keepers Club, just need to find out the cost of shipping to Canada.