Another List of Vinyl You Must Add to Your Collection

The lists will never end because everyone has their own unique musical tastes – and that’s great.  What I love about these lists is there is always some vinyl that is new to me and I have that “Sure, I get why that’s on a must have list.”

So, here is the British GQ spin on vinyl you should have in your collection, but may have completely overlooked, or in my case, never even heard of.

As I worked my way through the list, I was pleasantly surprised by the first on the list – Paul Simon’s 2006 album Surprise.  Some really classic Simon sounds and an Oscar nomination for one of the tracks.  Be very pleasantly surprised if you stumble upon this one at your local thrift shop.  It’s going for around $100 on Discogs.  Of course that’s the thrill of crate digging.

Nina Simone’s Baltimore is on the list too.  It is difficult with having just about any Nina Simone on any list, so, yes good choice.  The second track of this LP is Nina covering Everything Must Change.  Written by Bernard Ighner and covered by dozens, this track is worth acquiring this album for.  She was in her mid forties when Baltimore was recorded and she sounds wonderful with a powerful range and expression.

It’s an eclectic mix, so I encourage you to give all of them at least one listen.