OMNI Portable Record Player

The portable record player isn’t a new idea.  I recall my brother and sister both having them.  As the baby of the family, I caught the cassette wave for music portability.  Of course this came with the ultimate dismay of seeing your favorite mix tape  unravel into the cogs and wheels of the cassette player.

With the increasing popularity of vinyl and the desire to play your vinyl anywhere, a new crop of portable record players is emerging.

A quick search on Amazon pulls up over 5,000 “portable record players” Most of these are your Crosley  like retro versions.  If you like to keep your vinyl for more than a couple of plays, you probably want to avoid these.  I do remember, putting a nickle on the tone arm to stop records from skipping – OK, not advisable.  

Now there seems to be some real interest in producing higher quality play back for vinyl in a more portable format.  Enter the Headache Sound OMNI is being funded through a kickstarter campaign.  This is a pretty cool blend of analogue and digital formats.   With the built-in phono pre-amp, the analogue signal from your vinyl gets played through an internal 5 watt  speaker.  In addition, you can stream audio from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device to the digital side of the OMNI.  The OMNI also has a headphone jack for private listening of your vinyl.

Other interesting features include a phono out that would allow you to use this as your primary turntable with your non-portable home stereo system.  There are also RCA inputs that allow you to connect other devices without using the Bluetooth feature.

Now I’m out of my league on the DJ and scratching stuff, but apparently you can do this with the OMNI and they say this is really cool.  OK.

Other specs are – 

  • Adjustable Tone Arm, Counter Weight, Standard Cartridge
  • Effective length and offset angle can be easily adjusted, adjust tracking force from 0g to 5g to prevent damaging vinyl records.
  • Comes with ATN3600L cartridge and can be changed to any high fidelity cartridge.Metal Platter
  • High weight aluminium platter for high stability.
  • Speed Switch – Switch between 33.3 and 45 rpm.Mode Switch
  • Switch between Studio Mode (flat frequencies) and Hi-fi Mode (boost low and high frequencies).  

I suspect that this is in no way audiophile equipment, but for a dorm room or your basement hide away, this could be a nice addition.  That said, the kickstarter campaign is over and the funding goal was not reached, so I may never know.