It’s Patio Speaker Time (Update)

Sonos Move – During this pandemic there are many of us working on our patios, decks and balconies, so good quality outdoor music is even more important. This in part why I’m looking forward to getting the new Sonos Move. It will integrate seamlessly with my existing Sonos set up, but because it has a built in battery (up to 10 hours of play time), you can just grab it and take your music wherever you want it. Sure, that gives you great outdoor flexibility, but it also gives you greater flexibility indoors too. Maybe you don’t have a need for a Sonos dedicated to the garage or basement, but when you do want great sound there, take your Move.

Charging is flexible too with both the included charging ring (nothing to disconnect – just grab and go) or a USB C so you don’t have to take the charging ring on your travels.

The Move works best through your WiFi, but the Move also has Bluetooth allowing you to use it when you’re out of WiFi range – I’ve been waiting for this.

It also has automatic Tuneplay. This continually monitors the input and output in the existing environment and makes adjustments to optimize the sound.

My only complaints are lack of a white colour option and lack of an aux-in.

BOSE REVOLVE – I love my little Bose Revolve and just wanted to add that for those of us working from home during this pandemic, the Revolve also doubles as a speaker phone.

OK – it’s patio and with patio time you need great music outdoors.  At one point I ran speaker wires from my amp through the living room floor across the basement ceiling and out to the deck to a pair of Realistic outdoor speakers.  Yes, it was a solution, but truthfully not a very good one.  If I loaded up the five CD changer, we could have many hours of music.

With Bluetooth and wireless systems like Sonos, there are tons of options for very good quality outdoor sound.  

I’ve invested a significant amount in Sonos.  A Connect Amp that powers my PSB speakers in the living room.  This amp also seamlessly connects to a couple of Sonos One speakers for the kitchen and family room.  They are Alexa enabled, so simple voice commands allow for great control.  The only issue I have with Sonos is they do not yet have a battery powered speaker that is easily moved out of doors.  HEY SONOS!!!!  Let’s get with it! I do on occasion plug a Sonos One on the deck, but it’s a bit of a pain having to wait for it to reconnect to the wifi.  The nice thing is that a Sonos One enabled, so I can shout commands at it.  Sadly, it has now developed the skill to deliver beer to the deck – yet.

What are the other options?

If you’re OK with a wired solution, check out Tom’s guide for reviews of the best wired outdoor speakers.    Not surprising that Klipsch has the best quality outdoor speaker.  Looks like a rock too, buty its going to set you back $500 for a pair.  The Best Products site also recommends this speaker.  

For convenience, it really needs to be wireless – no wires to an amp and battery operated.   

From what I’ve listened to and the reviews I’ve read, the Bose Soundlink Revolve is the winner.  Great sound and very good battery life (about 12 hours).  I also like the optional charging dock which makes it a breeze to grab and take out to the deck.  While its not waterproof, it is water resistant, so a splash of two isn’t going to kill it.  The aux in means that even non-bluetooth devices can connect. 

The down side is its Bluetooth so only one device can connect at a time.  I love my Sonos because multiple people can be connected and we can all add to the play list.

Bose consistently creates great sounding devices and the Soundlink Revolve is no exception for your outdoor entertainment.